Aaron Becsei makes  after sales service and high end brands' special repairs and restoration (mechanical watches and clocks only)  in his workshop.

He can arrange the order of special watch parts from the manufacturers or re-design and re-make the requested part if that is not available anymore. As he has the tools, the machines and the knowledge to make all kind of extremelly difficult repairs too, you can contact the workshop for special requests too. 


Examples: Broken Cartier balance shaft and the new repaired one . Extremely small dimensions: pivot diameter=0.06mm ; entire length=1 mm
(In the middle there is a human hair!!)



A broken teeth on a Patek Philippe automatic remontoir wheel. To repair we needed to make a cutter to make the new 9 teeth on the crown . The cutter's diameter is 3mm and the wheel's diameter is only 1mm.


Top picture: A bent Patek Philippe movement caused by an extreme impact - before the repair.


Please send us your request by email and we will contact you directly.



Bexei Watches - Independent Watch Atelier

of Aaron Becsei - member of AHCI



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