Power Reserve


case width: 37.5 mm
case height: 42 mm
case depth: 14 mm
band width: 20 mm
duration 40 hours


elliptic hour/minute indication
second indication at 6 o’clock
power reserve indicator


Dignitas – means: prestige, merit, dignity.

Following the essentials of the classic Dignitas PURE, Aaron Becsei created an exclusive timepiece with an additional functional complication:  the Dignitas POWER RESERVE retains the unusual elliptic applied dial which emerges an extraordinary appearance for the timepiece, however a wind-up indicator has been added at 12 o’clock.

Following the principles of Aaron Becsei’s inventions, the Dignitas POWER RESERVE consists of fully in-house designed and developed parts with the highest hand-finishing you can imagine.

As every piece of the new Dignitas collection the Dignitas POWER RESERVE’s case and buckle have been designed and developed based on the unique characteristics of the outstanding Bexei PRIMUS wristwatch.

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"The watch is absolutely beautiful, and of course the movement is to die for. I hundred percent agree with you on exclusivity and what that really means. This is it. This is what you get when you work with a great independent. True personalization. He clearly went above and beyond with the actual presentation of the watch. Bravo." - watchprosit comment

"This piece demonstrates 3 essential elements of craftsmanship.
Strength as shown in the making of a base movement without unnecessary complications.
Beauty shown in the design and engraving contained on this piece throughout its' creation.
Patience shown in the beveling and polishing of each piece of the caliber.
Coming together they all show art and truth." - ABTW comment

"What really captivated me about this piece is how well thought out the relationship between the dial and movement is. There's a play with symmetry and asymmetry on the dial that's really captivating, and what I especially liked, once pointed out by Aaron, was that the dot indexes on the dial are screw ends from the movement side. Simply excellent! The movement is like an Escher piece, a beautiful labyrinth that keeps your eyes captured and constantly wandering through all the curves. Simply poetry- a  superbly orchestrated composition by Aaron! So glad to have been there to see this piece..." - watchprosit comment


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