case width: 37.5 mm
case height: 42 mm
case depth: 14 mm
band width: 20 mm
duration 40 hours


elliptic hour/minute indication
second indication at 6 o’clock


Dignitas – means: prestige, merit, dignity.

The most classic creation of the Bexei Dignitas collection has been designed and developed by Aaron Becsei for private clients where the refined but fascinating visual experience and the quality of the finest watchmaking tradition are principals.
The Dignitas PURE -as all timepieces from the Bexei workshop- shows respect to traditional watchmaking and is built with the most precise methodology. Following the principles of Aaron Becsei’s inventions, the Dignitas PURE model consists of fully hand-finished parts with the highest level of quality.
Dignitas PURE’s unusual elliptic applied dial emerges an extraordinary appearance for the timepiece meanwhile allows hours and minutes to be easily readable. The second indication’s applied dial placed at 6 o’clock composes a delightful harmony completing the picture.
Possessing this exclusive Bexei timepiece will make the owner feel like he wears a piece of art.

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"This Bexei Dignitas was my very first uniquepiece project in my life...and I am loving everything about this watch: Inner hobnail dial with spiderweb second subdial... outer chromeheartsy hand carved dial with maltese crosses and fleurdelises...gothic hands...roman numeral.. It's like putting my spirit into this watch!" - owner of a Bexei Dignitas Pure


"Timepieces like the Dignitas Pure always make me smile, because I see that there still are young people dedicated enough to take 3-4 months to produce every component of a watch and even hand-finish it themselves. It's a rare sight my friends. I advise you to read up on Aaron Becsei and enjoy it." - Instagram comment


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